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Since September 2013, ExQuilla requires an annual license for use. New users, by default, are granted a free 30 day trial license. After your license expires, ExQuilla will enter a read-only mode and will not be able to contact the Exchange server until a valid license is entered.

One license is required for each user, using the user's individual email address on a Microsoft Exchange Server as the license key. Multiple email addresses are allowed per installation, as long as the licensed individual email address is also in use on that installation.

Domain licenses are also available.


Frequently Asked Questions concerning ExQuilla licenses.

  1. Where do I buy a license?

    In Thunderbird, go to ExQuilla settings (either in the Tools menu, or on the Thunderbird Addons page), then click on the [Purchase license] button. It will take you to the website to purchase a license, with your name and email address already prefilled.

  2. How do I enter a license into ExQuilla?

    You don't need to. After purchase, it's all automatic. All licenses are stored on a license server. Normally after you purchase a license, ExQuilla will recognize your purchase after a few seconds, or on the next restart ExQuilla.

  3. Why are you transitioning to a pay model?

    Simply put, because ExQuilla has from the start intended to be a business and not a hobby. ExQuilla represents years of work, and to justify that effort and the continuing effort in support, maintenance, and improvements, it needs to generate income. This is our day job. Keeping up with the changes in Mozilla and Thunderbird is a lot of work and requires very rare skills. Developers need to live, too.

  4. Others seems to generate their income from donations and advertising, why not ExQuilla?

    Other extensions earn some income from donations and advertising, but for the vast majority of extensions the amount is typically a couple of orders of magnitude below the amount required to pay the developers at prevailing wages. I am not willing to work for the income that donations and advertising would generate (which would typically be much less than $1 per hour), nor do I think it is reasonable to expect that of others.

  5. How can I see if I have a license, and when it expires?
    You can check your license status in the ExQuilla settings Page. You can access it from the Tools menu or from the Thunderbird Addons page.
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