After Installation: Creating an Exchange account

These instructions are for ExQuilla 60 and newer.

After the ExQuilla addon is successfully installed, you may add a Microsoft Exchange account from the menu item Tools/ExQuilla for Microsoft Exchange/Add Microsoft Exchange Account:




You'll be given a screen to enter your name and email address for your Microsoft Exchange account:



ExQuilla can use either the email address, or a username and domain. Enter your user id using either method (though email address is preferred.)

After pressing Next you'll get to a screen where you can try to autodiscover your remaining account information:



For most users,just press the "do auto discover" button. Then you will (hopefully) see  "Success" and an internet address filled into the "Microsoft Exchange URL" automatically. Here's what a successful autodiscover looks like:


Press "Next" to continue if autodiscover is successful.

If that fails, you will need to enter manually enter your "Microsoft Exchange URL" and Your Name, and then press "Next."

If you are having trouble, make sure that you know the correct internet address to open a web page to see your email, for example ""  Replace the "owa" with "EWS/Exchange.asmx" and enter that as the Exchange URL. So for this example, the Microsoft Exchange URL would be:

Exchange Web Services (needed for ExQuilla to function) is only available on Exchange versions 2007 and later. On your webmail login page, you should see a date for the Exchange Server with your installation.

After the Exchange URL has been entered correctly, then you will get a summary screen, click "Finish" and you are done.

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