ExQuilla 24.5 released

Version 24.5 of ExQuilla has now been released, supporting Thunderbird versions 17 and 24. Existing users who downloaded ExQuilla from the site should be updated automatically within a few days. Users who downloaded from the Mozilla addons site will need to wait a few of weeks until the review is complete there, or you may download the current revision of ExQuilla from these links:



OSX (Mac):

This release fixes several major bugs that have been causing problems with certain installations, and adds a few minor bug fixes as well.

Changes since version 24.2

Bug Fixes

  • Messages that were notices of forwards of meeting requests were causing failure to download later emails
  • On Ubuntu systems, the "Open attachment" menu showed zero choices for program type
  • ExQuilla accounts disappeared after a Thunderbird update.
  • Printed messages did not show a date for emails from today
  • Sent emails did not add their address to Collected Addresses
  • sendInBackground, if enabled, causes sending to fail completely
  • Contacts added then deleted before a folder update did not actually get deleted
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