ExQuilla 24.2 released

Version 24.2 of ExQuilla has now been released, supporting Thunderbird versions 17 and 24. ...

Changes since version 24.1

New Features

  • Flagged messages are now synced with Exchange message flags
  • Send Unsent messages will try to empty the Outbox

Bug Fixes

  • Message counts were initially off after filter moves
  • Deleted folders did not appear in trash until restart
  • Empty deleted items did not work
  • Using a key to mark a message read did not sync with the server
  • Notifications of new messages did not appear in tray applications
  • New messages moved by a filter did not mark a folder as containing a new message
  • GAL searches failed with contacts with only a single word for a display name
  • Contacts used in Sending messages added a bogus Birthday field with a date around 1900
  • Form-based authentication that failed after a period of time was not reconnecting
  • Two accounts created in the same session resulted in an incorrect local directory for the second account
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