ExQuilla 24.0 Released

Version 24.0 of ExQuilla has now been released, supporting Thunderbird version 17 and 24. Note this version does not support intermediate beta Thunderbird releases 18 - 23.

The release is primarily to start the review process with Mozilla to support Thunderbird 24, hence I will not be doing automatic updates to existing users. Hopefully another release 24.1 will be done in a few weeks that fixes a few more issues, and will be updated automatically for existing users.

Beginning with this release, a paid license will be eventually be required to use ExQuilla. All users get an automatic license valid until November 1, 2013. Early adopters will be prompted to get an extended license, valid until March 1, 2014, but this offer expires soon on September 1, 2013.

This version may be downloaded and installed manually from these locations:



OSX (Mac):

Changes since version 23.1

New Features

  • S/MIME messages can now be read (but not written), if proper certificates are installed.

Bug Fixes

  • Some users lost their ExQuilla accounts when Thunderbird did version updates


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