ExQuilla 21.0 Released

Version 21.0 of ExQuilla has now been released, supporting Thunderbird version 17. Existing users who downloaded ExQuilla from the site should be updated automatically within a few days. Users who downloaded from the Mozilla addons site will need to wait a few of weeks until the review is complete there, or you may download the current revision of ExQuilla (for Thunderbird 17) from these links:



OSX (Mac):

Changes since version 20.1

New Features

  • We now can support Exchange installations that use form-based authentication with the Forefront threat management gateway.
  • Search in both traditional and global search supports body search and attachments.
  • (As a consequence of the above, you can now use the popular Conversations addon with ExQuilla)

Fixed Bugs

  • In some cases Exchange accounts would not reload after initial install.
  • Printing now shows the attachment list (though the attachment size in incorrect)
  • Deletes of many messages should be faster
  • SaveAll attachments should now work
  • Messages can be saved as a file of type .eml

If you want to correctly use Exquilla with global search (for example using the Conversations addon) then you will need to get gloda to reindex your messages, which you accomplish by disabling then re-inabling global search. This can be either done globally, or on a folder-by-folder basis.

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