ExQuilla 20.1 Released

Version 20.1 of ExQuilla has now been released, supporting Thunderbird version 17 (but see below for versions 18-20). Existing users who downloaded ExQuilla from the site should be updated automatically within a couple of days. Users who downloaded from the Mozilla addons site will need to wait a couple of weeks until the review is complete there, or you may download the current revision of ExQuilla (for Thunderbird 17) from these links:



OSX (Mac):

Changes since version 19.3

New Features

  • Whether the GAL is searched for addresses during compose is configurable using the standard Thunderbird interface.
  • Sent items can be stored in arbitrary folders on any server.

Fixed Bugs

  • Meeting requests could not be deleted nor marked read
  • Names of attachments with Asian characters were mangled
  • Setting "default server" as the Sent items destination stored in the ExQuilla account instead of the default server. Specifying the ExQuilla account led to an error.
  • Archiving did not work.
  • Many GAL entries did not show email addresses. (This is partially fixed in 20.1, there still seems to be a remaining issue with some addresses).
  • Some Exchange servers seem to insert invalid characters, which was causing ExQuilla to not show those messages.
  • Unsupported folders (such as RSS feeds) were showing.

Thunderbird new releases (versions 18 - 20)

Beginning with this version, the Mozilla download site will only contain versions of ExQuilla that work with the current officially released Thunderbird version, which is 17. Users who install ExQuilla that is downloaded from the MesQuilla site will be supported for the current official Thunderbird release, as well as beta versions of Thunderbird. This includes automatic updates of new ExQuilla versions.

However, a single ExQuilla installation can no longer span the entire range of available Thunderbird versions. For that reason, there are now two versions of ExQuilla, one that supports the current release of Thunderbird (version 17), and one that supports newer releases (versions 18 - 20). Most users should simply use the standard ExQuilla download. But if you are using Thunderbird beta versions, you will need to download the version of ExQuilla that supports that. However, that version does not support Thunderbird 17, so if you revert your Thunderbird from a beta version back to a released version, you will also need to reinstall ExQuilla.

Versions of ExQuilla that support Thunderbird 18 - 20 (and will continue to support Thunderbird beta versions with automatic updates in the future) can be downloaded from these links:




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    Gvi Das


    Is new version comming soon?









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    Kent James

    I will be making one more quick pass through the bug list to see if I can fit in any more quick or critical fixes for version 21, then I'll go into the release cycle. I hope to get version 21 out this week though.

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