ExQuilla 18.0 Released

Version 18.0 of ExQuilla has now been released, supporting Thunderbird versions 16 - 18. ...

New Features:

  • Messages sent through Exchange now use the full infrastructure of normal message sending. This allows many new specific features to work, including signatures, attaching vcards, embedded images, and storing drafts or sent items to alternate folders. The reporting and error handling is also now similar to normal Thunderbird sends.
  • For convenience in offline reading, message bodies are now downloaded and stored when the message is first processed. Attachments are not stored by default, but will be if the folder is set for offline use using the normal Thunderbird user interface.
  • For server supporting Basic authentication, you can now have more than one account per server.
  • The Notes folder is now displayed
  • A reply-to address is now supported

Bug Fixes

  • A crash during message moves by filters has been fixed.

Thanks for trying ExQuilla!

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