Version 13.0 Released

Version 13.0 of ExQuilla has now been released. ...

This version fixes a number of issues that occurred with the 12.0 release, including

  • difficulties in reading attachments
  • inbox download fails irrecoverably if message type is not recognized
  • difficulties with message moves in filters.

This is still however beta quality software. Please report any issues either in the forums, or with a support ticket.

Thanks for trying ExQuilla!

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    Akhmed Junaidy
    thanks for making this great addon. ive been trying exquilla for a week and found it great. unfortunately when it came to handle attachment, exquilla seems unable to retrieve it. my OS is windows 7 and using thunderbird 12.0.1. thank u, cheers...
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    Kent James

    Hi Akhmed,

    Two comments on your attachment issue.

    First, there were some attachment issues in version 12 that were  fixed in version 13. Are you running 12 or 13?

    Second, ExQuilla currently supports file attachments, but not Exchange type attachments. So if your attachment was an Exchange-specific object then that won't work.

    If you are running version 13, and file attachments are not working, then you should open a ticket here. I'll want a copy of the relevant log file entries when you try to access attachments.

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