Can you please add my company address to the invoice?

Unfortunately, for a mix of technical and legal reasons, we cannot change an invoice that has already been issued.

For example, we automatically sent an invoice to you as private customer that shows VAT tax, and then you requested a change, and we would issue a second invoice without VAT for a company. Consequently, we don't pay the VAT tax. But in case your purchase department would submit the first invoice (mistakes happen), and they consequently reclaim the VAT tax from the state tax offer, we ended up committing tax fraud. That's why invoices cannot be changed once they have been issued.

We have 2 kinds of licenses:

For individual licenses for single users, we only capture a minimal amount of information, namely your name, primary email address and Exchange email address, and your country, for the invoice. We have no technical ability to add a street address.

Individual licenses are for consumers only. You may use this license professionally, but you buy on your own behalf, on your own account. If your company pays for you, that's very nice of them, but still, you are our customer.

For companies, we have a specific type of license, the domain license. During the purchase process for a domain license, you have the ability to enter your company's address and VAT ID. The invoice will be issued to the company, including its address.

But that's possible only for domain licenses, not for individual licenses.

If you need a domain license and have already paid an individual license, we can issue you a refund for the individual license, after you purchased the domain license.

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