Can I use one ExQuilla license on multiple computers? Or for multiple email addresses?

Can I use one ExQuilla license on multiple computers?

The ExQuilla license is issued for a specific Exchange email address. It will be valid on any computer, but only with that one address. If you set up a new computer, and both the old and new computer have only this one Exchange address, then on the new computer, ExQuilla should automatically fetch the paid license from our license server, and it's automatically activated. This works only if you set up the email accounts in the same order in Thunderbird.

You can change the primary account in Thunderbird Account Settings:


Please select one of the email addresses that appear in your invoice and make it the default account in Thunderbird. Then, restart Thunderbird or click "Update license" in ExQuilla settings.

If you use ExQuilla on multiple computers, and it's recognizing your paid license on one computer, but not on the other, then it might be because you use multiple Exchange email addresses. You would technically need multiple licenses, but because of the multiple email addresses, not the multiple computers.

Can I use one ExQuilla license for multiple email addresses?

If you have several Exchange accounts, you would need to buy several licenses. We currently do not enforce this. However, we might enforce one license per Exchange email address at any time. We have not yet determined how exactly that would work.


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