ExQuilla License Expiring Soon

If you wish to continue to use ExQuilla, please purchase a license.

(This message appears in an info bar in Thunderbird when the ExQuilla addon license is within two weeks of expiring.)

See License Frequently asked questions.


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    John Utz

    This is a super-reasonable way to do business, I look forward to purchasing a license so that I can help keep this going.

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    Krzysztof Busłowicz

    ExQuilla works for me better and faster than MS Outlook, so i'm going to purchase licence. Keep on doing your great job!

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    Lindsay Hahn

    I have a question about renewing my license.  My license doesn't expire until July, but if I wanted to pay the $10 to renew now, does it renew from the date I renew the license or from the date my current license expires?  I don't want the license to expire so I'd like to take care of it now but don't want to miss out on several months that I've already paid for.

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