I purchased a license and ExQuilla doesn't know about it

Licenses for ExQuilla are bound to the Exchange address that you use it with. ExQuilla retrieves the license automatically from our license server.

If you purchased a valid license, but ExQuilla still claims that it's not licensed, the most common issue is that the licensed email address does not match the email addresses configured in Thunderbird.

But the first thing to check is the ExQuilla settings page. In the License section, click [Update license]. If this returns an error message, that means there's something wrong with your Internet connection or some proxy, firewall or anti-virus software are blocking ExQuilla's connection attempts. We cannot help you there, you need to fix this connection issue.

If this says that you are on a trial, or that you need to purchase, even though you already purchased a license, then please write to support. Please include all your email addresses in the support ticket, including

  • your Exchange email address that you try to use with ExQuilla
  • the email addresses you entered during purchase, and
  • your primary email address in Thunderbird (even if non-ExQuilla).

With this information, support will try to figure out what happened. All this information is needed.

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