Are domain licenses available, and how do they work?

Domain licenses are available. A domain license is a license that is given for a domain (* instead of for an individual user ( The license is a text string that looks something like this:


Pricing for a domain license is $25 per domain plus $5 per user (with a minimum of 5 users), on an annual basis. (In contrast, an individual license is $10 per user per year). Depending on your country, prices may be offered in an alternate currency, but the prices are directly related to the USD price. For European customers, where VAT tax is required, quoted prices are without VAT and VAT will be added to the price.

You may order a domain license here ( Since domain licenses are generated manually, there may be a delay of a day between ordering and receiving the license.

Within ExQuilla there is a check for license validity, and if a valid license is not found then the ExQuilla email is placed in a read-only mode. For a license to be valid, the licensed email must be in use in the Thunderbird profile of the user running ExQuilla. For a domain license with domain *, that means that the ExQuilla installation should have at least one email of the form in use. The same license may be used on multiple computers used by the same user, or for multiple emails on the same computer. There is no management of user count built into the domain license, so organizations are responsible for tracking their own usage, and ordering additional licenses if required.

When licenses are generated, they are added to our license server for easy lookup by ExQuilla installations. On startup, ExQuilla queries the license server to try to find a valid license. If found, the local installation is automatically updated with that license. So once purchased, licenses do not normally need to be copied manually to individual ExQuilla installations.

Some organizations do not want this behavior, preferring to manage the license distribution themselves. If so, upon request the license will be removed from our license server so that the lookup will fail. Access to the license server is not required for validity of the license, it is only a method for easy distribution of licenses to users. When licenses are distributed manually, the license text will need to be copied into the license field in the ExQuilla user installation, or distributed to the Thunderbird preference key "extensions.exquilla.license".



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