Are domain licenses available, and how do they work?

Domain licenses are available. A domain license is a license that is given for a domain (* instead of for an individual user (

Domain licenses (also called volume licenses) allow your organization to purchase licenses for all your users. You purchase a number of user licenses at once, at least 10, and up to that number, all the users within your organization will automatically be cleared

You can purchase domain licenses at

The user licenses you purchase are assigned to your domain, e.g. . Users within your Exchange email address domain can use ExQuilla without further action and will automatically be issued a license. Once used, this user license will then be bound to their email address for the rest of the year and will reduce the number of free licenses on your domain. This continues for all your users, until there are no free licenses anymore. Next year, the process repeats.

Licenses are always issued for a specific user for a full year. They are yearly licenses. If a new employee joins, they will need a new license and cannot re-use an existing license of a parting employee for the rest of the year. Of course, next year, the licenses can be used by somebody else.

When licenses are generated, they are added to our license server for easy lookup by ExQuilla installations. On startup, ExQuilla queries the license server to try to find a valid license. If found, the local installation is automatically updated with that license. So once purchased, licenses do not normally need to be enabled manually in individual ExQuilla installations, but are fully automatic.

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