Will ExQuilla work with Thunderbird Portable?

A user asked about ExQuilla and Thunderbird Portable.

As far as I know, there is nothing about the design of ExQuilla that would prevent its use with Thunderbird Portable. I downloaded it and tested using today's current versions (Thunderbird 24.0 and ExQuilla 24.5), installing to a USB dongle. Everything seemed to work fine. Initial downloads of the emails seemed fairly slow (about 1-2 per second, which is perhaps twice as slow as normal), but after download the email access by the user interface seemed pretty normal, which is fast.

I would appreciate if any user experiences with ExQuilla and Thunderbird Portable be posted as comments to this message.

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    Johnathen Groombridge

    I have Thunderbird (TB) 24 on a 64G USB2 drive. It worked well until I added the Exquilla plugin to access my work e-mail. Work email used to be on an IBM Domino Server that I could just POP, but they moved to Exchange in October so I had to have a way to continue accessing my e-mail with TB24.

    I've found TB to be extremely slow since I've added the Exquilla plugin. It appears as though TB is now single threaded and automatic task that used to happen in the background now lock up TB to run. I've even set up for Exquilla not to check for messages automatically and it still locks up TB to synch with the Exchange server. My TB is always indicating that it is Not Responding. It's not just one or two seconds either, I've had to wait a minute for TB to become available again. It would be nice if background services were returned to the background and given lower priority so TB could respond to my interactions.

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