ExQuilla 31.0 updated due to GAL issue

ExQuilla version 31.0 was re-released due to an issue that was discovered in accessing GAL directory entries with Thunderbird 31. The new version with the fix is version 31.0.1136. The previous version that was not displaying GAL entries was version 31.0.1135.

Additional notes on version 31.0 from the original release notice:

Version 31.0 of ExQuilla has now been released, supporting Thunderbird versions 31 and 24. ...

Changes since version 24.7

  • Adds support for Thunderbird versions 31.* and drops support for Thunderbird versions earlier than 24.2 (including Thunderbird 17).
  • For users running Thunderbird 31, ExQuilla can now work with multiple NTLM-authenticated accounts to the same server without a painful workaround that greatly slowed performance. This is possible because we got a core Mozilla patch landed that fixed an underlying problem in the Mozilla platform.
  • Timeouts are added to various server calls to prevent hangs when the server never responds to a request.
  • Disable attachment download from archived message class IPM.Note.EAS which was causing hangs.
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