ExQuilla 38.0.1156 released to support upcoming Thunderbird 38

We have released an updated version of ExQuilla, version 38.0.1156, that supports both Thunderbird 31 as well as Thunderbird 38.

Existing users who downloaded ExQuilla from the site should be updated automatically within a few days. Users who downloaded from the Mozilla addons site will need to wait a few weeks until the review is complete there, or you may download the current revision of ExQuilla from these links:



OSX (Mac):

Major changes in the version since the previous version (31.0.1136):

  • Support for Thunderbird 38 added, support for Thunderbird 24 dropped (but see note below)
  • Fixed: Startup failure fixed for profiles with large numbers of folders
  • Multiple connections to the Exchange server are supported, speeding up message sync
  • If a custom form-based authentication is used, the custom form will now popup to allow entering account credentials.
  • Autodiscover will be used to update the URL if connection to the server fails
  • Fixed: SaveAll encoded the attachment name incorrectly
  • Hidden folders are now hidden in the folder tree
  • Support Thunderbird's fcc reply follow parent option

If for some reason you are still running the older Thunderbird 24 release (24.2 or later), you will not be automatically downloaded. However, you can download the updated ExQuilla, released as version 31.1.1156, that will work with Thunderbird 24 or 31:

Versions compatible with Thunderbird 24 (and 31):





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