Thunderbird 24.0.1 broke binary extensions on Linux (including Lightning and ExQuilla)

Thunderbird did an update from version 24.0 to 24.0.1 a few days ago, and unfortunately that update broke binary extensions, such as Lightning and ExQuilla. This issue is being tracked at Mozilla for Lightning in Bug 925823 with a platform fix being looked at in Bug 927073

ExQuilla is releasing, for Linux only, a version 24.5.1 which provides compatibility with Thunderbird 17.*, 24.0, and 24.0.1  This will probably also work with later versions of Thunderbird, but it depends on whether Mozilla bug 927073 is landed before Thunderbird 24.0.2 is released.


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    Keith Brown

    Works like a charm! I can see my mail again!

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    Ferran Gisbert

    Well, it actually does not work for Linux Thunderbird 24.1.0. I just updated yesterday and my Exchange mail disappeared again.

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    Kent James

    See the current announcement for ExQuilla 24.5.2 that also works with Thunderbird 24.1.0


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