ExQuilla for Thunderbird 52.0 issues

We'll report here the current status of ExQuilla for Thunderbird 52, including updates as we have them.

Current summary: although we released a version of ExQuilla for Thunderbird 52, it has been temporarily recalled as we work on a number of issues that early users reported. Best estimate when a new version will be released: April 23, 2017.   We regret the delay. But there are beta versions available that solve some of the issues. You may download and install the current beta from  (note that Thunderbird 52 itself was also recalled due to unrelated problems, though may be released again after April 11 (but for manual update only).)

Details: ExQuilla has been mostly rewritten for Thunderbird 52.0 due to fundamental changes in Thunderbird's handling of addons, and was temporarily available for upgrade on the Mozilla addons site. It's been tested for the last couple of months, and generally works well. As is common with a thorough rewrite, unforeseen issues occurred with initial users. But we have the following issues that have been fixed or are being worked on ("fixed" means that the current beta referenced above includes a fix):

  • Garbled text for subjects and addresses using international characters in thread pane: fixed.
  • Garbled folder names for localized special folders (sent, junk, trash): fixed.
  • Unable to print messages: fixed.
  • Initial crash on OSX (Mac) systems (not fixed): We can no longer reproduce this - did OSX do an update that fixed this? The crashing code seems to be underlying Mozilla and OSX code for NTLM authorization for OSX, and may not be fixable in ExQuilla. If this continues to be an issue, the only choice may be abandonment of the addon for affected users. This only affects Exchange Server sites using NTLM authorization on OSX.
  • Other crashes are less of a problem (unless you are affected!) but we are still investigating (not fixed).
  • Unable to delete messages (fixed in build 1178)
  • Problems sending messages with Asian characters and Microsoft word styling: We could reproduce this previously, but not currently. Perhaps our other changes fixed this?
  • Annoying popup of ExQuilla license button: fixed
  • Excessive authentication popups during autodiscover: fixed
  • Message filters with moves fail: fixed in build 1180
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    John Chamberlain

    Latest update seems to work fine in Thunderbird 52.0 with one minor irritation - a regular pop-up in the Status Bar with a 'Exquilla License Information' link. Seems to happen every minute or so, perhaps when it checks that the license is valid.

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    Kent James

    This regular popup is fixed in recent builds, 1178 or later I believe.

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    John Chamberlain

    Works great, thanks Kent. BTW - your link to the current beta (above) seems to be broken, but it's obvious what you meant!

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